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Excited to have you join us at our events this year!

Close Reading Book Club – Starting February 3rd!


With a New Year comes a new book study from your SCRC. There are a lot of changes in the realm of education and this book can help us get our students where they need to be! We will be delving into Close Reading and Writing from Sources by Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey. This was the book you voted on at our Jeff Zwiers event.

Close Reading

The book study will be a three part series, starting February 3rd,¬†where we will have time to try out what we have learned and share out what worked, or maybe didn’t, with our colleagues. In all our book studies, this is our #1 compliment is that teachers just want to learn from other members what works for them and go back and give it a try in their own classrooms. This book is great for all content areas so please help up spread the word by sharing this email with a friend or better yet, your staff! (This is our number one complaint…publicity, so any help you could give us would be greatly appreciated.)

Dates are as follows: , February 3rd, March 3rd, and March 31st.

All sessions will be held from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Evergreen Middle School in Everett, WA.

For the details and to sign up, please visit

We hope you will join us and have a happy, healthy 2015!




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