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Engaged with Ellin!

Thank you to all those who were able to attend our night with Ellin Oliver Keene! She was AMAZING! It was wonderful seeing so many educators engaged during her presentation on engagement… talk about showing, not telling. We are so thankful to Ellin for coming to Lynnwood to share her ideas with us. For more great events, continue to check our website and Facebook!

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Dinner with Ellin Oliver Keene! – March 11th, 2015

Save your weekend for play time and come learn with Ellin
Wednesday night! She will discuss:
• Behaviors, actions & outcomes to retain and reapply learning
• How to teach children to understand more deeply and lastingly!
• Modeling what it looks, sounds and feels like to comprehend deeply!Ellin Oliver Keene

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Bonnie Campbell Hill’s Legacy Continues…

See the 2014-2015 winners here! Each year WORD celebrates the Bonnie Campbell Hill recipients.  This special award is part of Bonnie’s Big Idea.  The award fulfills Bonnie’s dying wish to continue providing professional development to teachers.  What a gift to teachers across Washington.

Bonnie Campbell Hill was a literacy leader from Washington and was known throughout the world.  You can learn more about her at Bonnie’s Website.  Her passion for teaching and learning were contagious and continue to support teachers throughout Washington.  Each year two educators are selected recipients of the Bonnie Campbell Hill Washington State Literacy Leader Award supporting their professional development and leadership vision. 

Previous recipients include:


Michelle Hornof will be traveling to Mexico to immerse herself in Spanish and the culture of many of her students.

Erika Larson will be attending the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project Institute to learn more about effective literacy instruction.


Sara Betts is implementing a book study to develop understandings of the CCSS will attend the International Reading Association conference with a colleague.

Melissa Thienes will attend the Literacy Coaching Institute at Teachers College of Columbia in New York to continue learning about leadership and literacy. 


David Lowe attended the Literacy Coaching Institute at Teachers College of Columbia in New York to continue developing leadership in literacy capacity.

Colleen DeLorenzo attended professional development, supported a book study and ongoing learning with her colleagues.


Dawn Christiana and Pam Pottle began a district wide renewed focus on literacy including a book study, committee retreat and on-going opportunities to learn together.

2015-2016 Could be you!  Visit the Awards page for more information. The deadline for this year is March 31st!