Spring Partnership Session with MATT GLOVER!!!

Here is what people say about learning from Matt Glover:

“When I saw Matt Glover for the first time, I was like “Whoa!  Now this is something to get excited about!”  My colleagues and I loved the session he did with Katie Wood Ray! We feverishly scribed notes as fast as we could write (type).  At the breaks we turned to each other, feeling exhausted as our brains were exploding with new information, needing to talk and debrief our new learning.  At any moment throughout the day, you would’ve caught my group of four with mouths hanging open and eyes wide.  Looking at the work samples Matt displayed we wondered, “How can a kindergartener use language like that?” “That sample is from first grade?  My kids don’t do that!” “I never thought to teach with a mentor text in that fashion…

spring Matt Glover

We hope you can make it! 

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